Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I am so overcome with emotion right now as I continue to follow the blogs of what would be complete strangers except for the fact that being a part of the body of Christ has brought us together. I have prayed countless prayers for a family who has been separated from one another as the mom has been away from her husband and other children while she stayed at the hospital by the side of their youngest son not knowing at times if he would survive (, for families going through cancer treatments and remission (PRAISE the LORD), and for a mother who has allowed me a glimpse inside her journey with grief and faith after birthing her little girl one year ago knowing that she would not live outside the womb.
Following these stories and hearing their words, I have been moved to laughter, awe, and tears. Their faith is tremendous and their vulnerability just as so. Today as I read about Angie and her trip to India ( and having known how hard of a trip this was for her to take on SO many levels; I was once again moved to tears. God has used the stories that I have been following to teach me. My faith is so small, my dreams matter, and the gifts he has given me should not go unused. I have my little pity party because my husband and I have so many decisions it seems on our plate right now, and then I read about a sweet family that is about to lose their little girl if God decides not to perform a miracle on this side of heaven ( Now that is a reality check, if there ever was one. Sure, I KNOW God cares about my needs, ever how small, but these “things” are so trivial in comparison. I see the faith of these people/families and I know that if they can go through what they are experiencing and still cling to Christ, then I can choose to not worry about the petty things of this world (Matthew 6:25-34) and instead get on my face before Him and get to know Him more.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy New Year

As I reflect on the past year, and look forward to the new, I am thankful that I can see how the Lord is working and continues to work in my life. His work is a continuous process, and though I don't always see it, He is constantly working on me. I am thankful for His patience and provision. I am especially grateful that I am not where I once was, and that He cares enough to work in my life.

Have a wonderful 2009 everyone. Let us all seek to know HIM better this year and allow HIM to work in and through us.