Monday, July 21, 2008

Okay, Lord, I hear you...

As I have mentioned in previous posts, we have been praying about some decisions lately. One specific thing we were asking for direction on was whether or not to sell our house. This is a thought that has crossed our mind and that we have been praying about off and on for a while now, so when it came up again this time, the natural thing to do was to pray. And that we did.

As we prayed, I felt like we weren’t getting totally ‘clear’ direction, so we thought we would just make a decision based on logic and pursue that decision until God changed our direction. In the meantime, the desire to sell our house was growing and we were seeing some options of places to move. Hey, we even thought about buying a travel trailer and parking it down by the river… The idea of moving was becoming exciting and we just kept pursuing open doors. In an effort to take the next step, I phoned a realtor (that had been highly recommended) and set up a time to meet with him. It seemed that as soon as I made that phone call, the desire to sell the house started to drift away. Circumstances with some of our neighbors started leading me to think that perhaps we aren’t done here yet. Connections made in the days prior to our meeting led me to believe that God had another plan.

Right before the realtor arrived, I asked Keith if we should just call him and cancel. Not really thinking we should do that, we both decided to at least meet with him and see what he had to say. He indeed turned out to be the great guy that everyone had told us he was, and we even found that there might have been other reasons for our meeting besides the talk of selling our home. We were able to be up front and honest with him, and he encouraged us to just wait and pray. Now that is my kind of realtor!! Since our meeting, I feel like the desire to move has been decreasing and that God has given me more of a desire to stay until His work in our neighborhood is completed. I have to admit that when I first felt Him saying to wait before selling the house, I was a bit upset and did not understand why. As the days have gone on, I am becoming more comfortable with the idea and with the promise that HE WILL take care of us. He knows our financial needs, but He also knows the needs around us. He knows that we humanly have a desire to go on a vacation, but He also knows that we are willing to give up a vacation to be used to help someone else. He sees the big picture, and we will just trust Him.

Sorry for doubting at first, Lord. But, I am hearing you now!! Show us even more how to love our neighbors.

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